Salt Cave

Himalayan Salt Cave

Pennsylvania’s first salt cave.

45-minute sessions: $10
Unlimited monthly salt cave pass: $100
Children 10 & under: $5 or 1 free child with 2 paying adults.

Due to the fast growth of technology and environmental pollution, more and more people suffer from allergies, asthma, and civilization diseases. We are presenting a solution that is advantageous and has the proven beneficial healing qualities of salt, but not just any salt, it is the purest known to man, found in the Himalayas!

Rich in negative ions and minerals, the micro-elementary particles like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, bromine, and iodine are loosened into the air. When negative ion concentration is lowered and people inhale more positive ions from the toxic air (the kind we are exposed to daily) it can cause headaches, lethargy, dizziness, nausea, depression, indigestion problems and irritability. Negative ions are absorbed into the human body during the therapy by breathing this saturated air into one’s lungs. This improves the intake and supply of those irreplaceable elements, that are necessary for good health, performance and overall fitness for all ages. The microclimate in our salt cave contains all those minerals and is the ideal location for inhalation. This treatment accelerates healing and helps our bodies to get back into balance.

Since the natural Himalayan salt caves and mines are not conveniently located for most people, halo therapy (halo in Greek means salt) recreating the conditions of the salt cave started to spread throughout the world! We are very excited to be the first Himalayan salt cave in Pennsylvania! We have been studying the amazing effects the salt cave can offer and, after experiencing what this salt can do, we were determined to bring it to our hometown and share the healing effects it can offer with you, our family and friends.

Just one example: A Russian study of 124 patients aged 16-62 with various chronic lung diseases (87-bronchial asthma, 26-chronic bronchitis, 6-bronchiectasis, 5-cystic fibrosis) were treated in a salt chamber. Each patient received daily, one-hour sessions across 10-20 days. All patients reported feeling subjectively better after the halo therapy treatments. No aggravations were seen and the average duration of remission was 7.6+/0.9 months. Most of the patients used no further medication after the halo therapy treatment. Sessions can range from daily to one day a week, depending on your individual needs.

All sessions are 45 minutes long and start on the hour, every hour. Therapy is perfect for all ages. We advise infants to limit the sessions to 20 to 30 minutes.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled cave session so you can get signed in and get your booties (we provide) on. All sessions start on the hour and we do not allow anyone to enter after the sessions have started, so that we do not disturb others that are in the cave.

Halo therapy, an alternative treatment for the following:
Asthma; Fever; Countering The Side Effects Of Smoking And Pollution; Polinosis/Hay Rhinitis; Neurodermatitis; Nervousness; Chronic Lung Disease; ADHD; Sleeping Disorders; Acne; Relapsing Pneumonia; Frequent Viral Infections; Bronchitis; Congestion; Atopic Dermatitis; Ear Infections; Snoring; Poor Concentration; Ears, Nose And Throat Conditions; Sleep Apnea; Chronic Tonsillitis; Chronic Diseases Of The Airways; Weakened Immune Systems; Cystic Fibrosis; Lung Hygiene; Chronic And Acute Otitis; Skin Diseases; Arthritis; Thyroid Gland Disorders; Allergies; Eczema; Psoriasis; Sinuses; Lung Infections

Side Effects:
Halo therapy has very few and very rare side effects. Few people may experience dry throat and increased coughing, runny nose or watery eyes in the beginning. This is an absolutely natural part of the cleansing process of the respiratory system, during which the pollution, accumulated through a long time and now ripped up by salt, is expelled from the deepest regions of the lungs. The side effects cease with the removal of pollution and pathogens.

The therapy is not recommended for the following cases:
Contagious conditions (due to other guests); Tuberculosis; Extremely high fevers; Extremely severe heart conditions

Our mission is to promote health and wellness to you, our guest. We are concerned with your well-being. Our lives are filled with toxins in everything we do, everything we touch, eat and breathe. We want to educate you on how to be healthier and happier. With this said, the average cost for most salt caves in the US are anywhere between $35 and $90 for a session. We know that most families would not be able to come as often as necessary, so we have set our prices very reasonably so everyone can experience health and wellness at its finest.